The Isolation Mobilisation Program

Is your business doing everything it can for its workers?

Working from home is setting up a unique set of problems for employers and their team members. 

In the makeshift home office team members no longer have access to their ergonomic chairs, sit/stand desks and properly set up workstations.

According to the recent IES Working From Home Wellbeing Survey on the UK workforce, ‘There has been a significant increase in musculoskeletal complaints. More than half of the survey respondents reported new aches and pains, especially in the neck (58 per cent), shoulder (56 per cent) and back (55 per cent), compared to their normal physical condition.’

PCBU obligations do not stop when an employee is working from home. Employers still have a responsibility to manage their employees work, health and safety.

Have you assessed their home workplaces to ensure they are ergonomic and safe? Are you doing everything you can to keep your workers healthy and pain free?

The Isolation Mobilisation program may help you to fulfill your work, health and safety obligations by providing a resource to encourage your employees to take regular breaks and move.

To make up for less than ideal work areas, it is more important than ever for team members to get up and move.

Mobilisation is the act of making your body capable of movement

I’m sure that you have heard this sage piece of advice before – to get up and move every hour – but how are you supposed to move?

Any movement is good, but the right movement is best. Do you have any idea how to make the best out of these movement times? 

Isolation Mobilisation can show you the right way to easily and effectively move during your desk breaks. 

Do the Isolation Mobilisation sequence!

Movement creates lubrication of the joints and warms the muscles.

Warming up the muscles and reducing joint stiffness can help to eliminate tension headaches, stiff neck, back pain and carpal tunnel.

In less than ten minutes you will move your major joints. 

This will leave you with happier staff with better focus and productivity. 

What are the benefits of the Isolation Mobilisation program?

Moving the entire body, regularly!

Movements are simple so anyone (uninjured) can perform them.

It can be completed multiple times per day – whenever you take a break.

You can do it in any clothing.

It won’t make you break out in a sweat.

It relieves the stiffness of being at a desk.

It reduces the risk of injury from at home exercise programs.

Designed By Experienced Industry Professionals

Developed by Carolyn and Trent Knights, with 20+ years of massage therapy and exercise industry experience.

They have focused on distributing recovery activities (self-care 4 self-repair) for their entire careers.

Both are accredited adult educators as well as holding multiple bachelor, associate diploma and diploma qualifications.

All movements and exercises are time tested, simple, safe and effective.

Why Choose The Isolation Mobilisation Program?

Beacause your employees deserve it!

One website features the full program, delivered via video lessons, available online 24/7. 

No need to search through social media and google to develop a health care sequence for your team members.

Each movement and exercise is designed to form into a complementary program.

It is safe and effective for everyday workers; you don’t have to be an athlete to complete this program.


Team webinar or video conference available via request.

Package Details and Pricing

The Isolation Mobilisation program consists of 3 mobilisation videos. 

You move along with Trent as he instructs you how to perform mobilisation of the spine, arms and legs.

You will take your main joints through their full range of motion to ensure each joint continues to move correctly.

BONUS ONE – we have included our series of Qi Gong exercises – these are total body movements which incorcopate breathing patterns to get even more mobility and to expand the lungs. This is a great series to alternate with the Isolation Mobilisation movements.

BONUS TWO – we have also included three simple strength exercises to help keep you in a good seated posture. No equipment needed except a wall and no breaking into a sweat to complete these!

All videos are available to stream @ via an Isolation Mobilisation membership.

Individual Access

Single Person/Sole Treader Access
$ 20
Per Person

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Small Business

Small Team Access
$ 15
Per Person

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Medium Business

Medium Team Access
$ 10
Per Person

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Large Team Access
$ 5
Per Person

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Additional Programs Available Soon

Other additional programs available soon: They include self massage, stretching and strength for good posture programs.

Isolation Mobilisation package subscribers will recieve discounts for all future programs including SC4SR full memberships