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Trent Knights

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Therapist,
Massage Therapist, Educator

Trent is our full time acupuncturist and massage therapist at Acupuncture Works. It is his face that you will see all through our self care videos. He has been a qualified massage therapist since 2002 and an acupuncturist since 2007.

Over the years he has acquired a variety of massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine and exercise strategies to treat many painful and postural conditions.

But who is Trent you ask? He is not only a manual therapist, he is also a father, husband, bass/guitar player and hockey player. He is passionate about the topics which interest him, such as music, sport, exercise, health, tv/movies and enjoying the company of friends.

Most clients would agree that he loves a chat and really enjoys the challenge of helping clients to help themselves.

Carolyn Knights

Massage Therapist,
Personal Trainer, Educator

Carolyn is a very passionate remedial massage therapist and educator. She has been a massage therapist for over 20 years and a fitness trainer for even longer. Over the last ten years, Carolyn has been educating new massage therapists at Fitness Institute Australia and TAFE NSW.

She is a dynamic runner , frequently winning her age group. Carolyn has completed marathons, ultra-marathons and back in ’92 she even tackled the dreaded Hawaiian Ironman! If you believe in exercising, eating well and looking after yourself, you will love Carolyn.