Just like stretches, but these techniques
are aimed at joints not muscle bellies.

What is mobilising?

It is the practice of making something movable or able to move.

When discussing the human body, we are referring to any activity that allows the musculoskeletal tissues to move. A perfect example is any dynamic warm-up activity. The idea of these activities is to warm-up the soft tissue, allowing them to effectively contract, lengthen and stabilise, thus allowing for improved movement of the joints.

Mobilising is important as it allows us to gain larger ranges of active motion. It helps us learn how to move correctly by training neuromuscular (nerve to muscle) connections.

By being able to move effectively, we are able to achieve better postural positions, reducing muscular fatigue and pain, plus reducing the risk of joint injury.

Mobilising activities are great to do after Self Myofascial Release and before strengthening and stretching activities.