Core Skills Workshop #3 – Neck & Upper Back


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The Core Skills Workshop Series

The core workshop series is a series of five (5) online workshops. They are comprised of digitally streamed videos and assessment quizzes.

The series covers many topics including; foundation knowledge that all posture and strength for the manual therapist, visual and palpation client assessment, remedial massage release techniques, practitioner assisted stretching and a whole host of self-care techniques.

The series is broken down into the introduction course; #1 Fundamental Principles, and four regional anatomy-based courses; #2 Lower Back & Hips, #3 Neck & Upper Back, #4 Lower Limb and #5 Upper Limb. Workshops 1-3 are current available, with workshops 4 & 5 under development.

Course Overview

The neck & upper back workshop is a seven and a half hour (7.5) workshop that is approved for 7.5 ATMS CPE points. This is your guide to the lumbar spine and pelvis. You will discover palpation and visual assessment, plus orthopaedic testing for the neck & upper back. There are demonstrations of remedial massage release techniques for the neck, thoracic and chest muscles. These include pin & stretch techniques, thoracic spring test and seated spinal joint stretching. Practitioner assisted stretching is covered for the neck and thoracic rotation. There is also a wealth of self-care exercises to keep your clients flexible, mobile and strong.

Course Objectives

Carry out palpation assessment of the neck and upper back, including:

Seated upper back muscle palpation

Supine chest muscle palpation

Perform visual assessment of the neck and upper back, by understanding:

Ipsilateral Vs contralateral movement of the spine

Visual assessment and bony palpation of the neck and upper back

Assessment of the spine in posterior and lateral views

Neck range of motion

Thoracic range of motion

Accurately perform orthodaedic testing, using the following assessments:

Appley’s compression and distraction tests

Thoracic outlet syndrome tests

Vertebral artery occlusion tests

Utilise remedial massage techniques to perform:

Prone neck stripping and grasping

Massaging other muscles of the back

Thoracic spring test

Supine neck stripping

Supine neck pin and stretch techniques

Chest muscle releases

Seated thoracic spine joint stretching parts 1-4

Understand how to apply practitioner assisted stretching, in:

Seated position, for the neck

Laying position for thoracic rotation

Gain knowledge on the application of self-care, including:

Self-myofascial release, using foam rollers and massage balls

Strength exercises

Stretching exercises

Mobility exercises

Self-assessment of range of motion

Qi Gong mobility exercises

Relaxation techniques



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