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Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) Upper Back Massage Ball MTW

This video is part of our members only Self Myofascial Release video series. Watch this video and learn how to use a spikey massage ball to release the upper back and traps. This skill can be used by you or taught to your clients as part of their self care.

Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) Foam Roller Chest Stretches

This is another video from our members Self Myofascial Release Series. This video teaches you how to stretch your chest muscles whilst laying on a foam roller. The full series is available in our members area. Sign up today!

Anatomical Man Postural Correction Demonstralion

Watch this video to learn about a series of muscle postural activations that can get you back into a perfect anatomical position. Try them, your body will love you for it. These activations each have a specific video in the members area with detailed descriptions on how to perform them.

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